Farm Fancy Creative prides themselves in the relationships built between ourselves and our clients. The only way to help people find the most authentic way to represent themselves through their brand/business is by getting to know them on a more personal level. Here are some testimonies from some of our amazing clients!


Morgan Zambrano

Farm Fancy Creative took all of my different ideas and put them into a perfect flowing brand. Mary talked to me multiple times over the course of a few days and what she came up with was beautiful. She even looked at my current social media and gave me tips on how I can improve. I am super impressed and can't wait to show off my new branding!


Katie Krause

Mary helped me rebrand my business and got me out of the rut I was in.

She got to know my personality, my business and really pushed me to brainstorm with her. And that is what she does. She works WITH you.

Do this for your business. Run don’t walk to work with this super talented, creative and funny as can be gal. Thank you Mary for being amazing! I am so happy that we worked on together.

Untitled design-113.png

Shawna Kilpatrick

The branding created by Farm Fancy Creative helped me take my business seriously. It went from me downplaying my “side gig” to treating it like a legitimate business.

I feel proud (and get so many compliments) when I hand out my business cards.

Farm Fancy Creative helped me FINALLY find a brand that speaks true not only to my business, but to my life! If I ever expand my business from makeup, my brand can also cover those adventures too. These women were a joy to work with and could practically read my mind when brainstorming.
I am so thankful to finally have a legitimate business brand! I have even had my logo printed on a hat and pullover. Thank you, Farm Fancy!
— Kambria Witschi
Absolutely amazing! Worth every penny and more. She took my idea and totally ran with it, creating, developing and transforming it into something more than I ever imagined it would or could be. Not only that, she was also in constant communication throughout the entire process, timely, and so fun to chat with! So thankful for you Farm Fancy!
— Emily Lucht
I needed branding, and Mary went above and beyond with her suggestions, giving me things I didnt realize I would he needing. She works fast, and after she sent me some starter samples, I could no longer look at the design I had previously created, and could barely wait for her finished product. Definitely professionally done, with pleasing color pallets. Don’t hesitate. Hire her now! I need her to do my other business as well. Absolutely beautiful work!!!
— AnMarie Eber
Mary is amazing and parient when you’re still a bit undecided on a design. She asks pertinent questions to understand what your message and brand is. I couldn’t be happier with my designs and branding. I would recommend her services to everyone.
*** Its been about a month since Mary here at Farm Fancy Creative helped me with my branding ans design. In that month I’ve seen increased engagement within and recognition of my brand. Thank you it has been worth its weight in Platinum***
— Amy Michelle
There are no words to describe how the creative genius and beauty mogul behind Farm Fancy captured my idea and brought it to life! She answered my 1,000+ questions and was so helpful and informative every step of the way. She spent time creating and re-creating until we achieved the perfect look. This beauty goes above and beyond in customer service, creativity, and style. She has something for every budget and is well worth every penny, after all your brand should be as unique as YOU and who can put a price on that!
— Courtney Rhyne
I LOVE what Mary created for me! She took into account my personality and my interests and all my ideas and then beautifully created something that I love to brag about. The creative juices just seem to flow easier now. I have so much more to work with!!
— Heather Menke
Mary completed my branding approximately a year ago. Her approach is personal and unique. Through on line conversation she gained a lot insight into my personality. I love what she created and I feel it truly reflects me as a person. She was prompt, professional and courteous and I would recommend her to anyone
— Lisa Dunson