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Branding should not be an after thought. All businesses have a personality. It may be intentionally with a brand or unintentially with a lack of branding. Take control of the narrative surrounding your business by giving it the personality/branding that is authentic to you and what you want your business to represent! If you need help, check out our packages below!

Branding Pricing and Packages

Determined To Be Fancy Package $200

  • Perfect for people starting from scratch or wanting to rebrand completely

  • Logo and watermark design

  • Business card and application card designs

  • 5 Album Cover Designs

  • Cover Photo

  • 5 Branded Blank Graphics

  • google drive with all information and elements included

  • Brand Board

The Fanciest Package $150

  • Logo and Watermark Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Application + Tips & Tricks Card

  • Social Media Package: cover photo, 5 album covers, 5 blank templates

  • Google Drive With Access To Fonts, Colors, and Images Used

  • Brand Board

The Fancy Plus Package $150

  • Smaller version of the Determined to be Fancy Package. Includes extra “creative” help

  • Logo Design

  • Watermark Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Brand Board

The Fancy Package $100

  • Logo

  • Watermark Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Brand Board

We can also create a custom package just for you! Just fill out one of the forms below and we will be in touch!

Canva Preload $50

  • Preload Brand Fonts, Colors, and Watermarks

  • An Assortment of Files to Help You Create Graphics

  • A Set of Blank Graphics for Easy Graphic Design

Farm Fancy Card Trio $30

  • Business Card Design

  • Tips/Tricks Card Design

  • Thank You Card Design

Farm Fancy Perspective $25

  • 3o minute coaching session to get a mental shift back on track with your business.

    We can look through some things that are holding you back and shift your

    perspective to grow and evolve your business.

From Logo to Watermark $20

  • Turn Your Logo into a Watermark


  • Create a Custom Watermark

Customer Reviews

“Mary is absolutely amazing!! I was in such a creative rut but wanted to rebrand my Lipsense biz so I could expand into other things in the future and she totally nailed it! I told her a little about myself and we tossed a few ideas around until we (lets be honest it was all Mary) came up with the perfect business name! And the graphics are incredible! If you're on the fence about whether or not to buy a branding package, jump on it!!! You WILL NOT regret it!! And don't skimp on the Canva add on! It makes life so much easier!”


"‘I love, love, love my new look! Mary worked so patiently with me to identify my goals, audience, and my passions. She took all that and created a brand I am proud of and one that represents me! Thank you so much, Mary! xoxoxoxo”


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